Foot Care Specialists


Spring and Fall are the most popular times of the year that people buy new shoes and sneakers.

Please follow these pointers to enjoy a comfortable fit:

Leather and suede are your best bets as far as shoe material is concerned. Man-made materials will not conform as readily to your feet and do not allow your feet to “breathe”. This increases your chances of perspiration, odor, and fungus.

Rather than going by your usual shoe size, take into account the comfort and fit of the shoes/sneakers since sizes can range from a 1 – 3 size difference, depending upon the manufacturer and style. If you have one foot that is smaller than the other, you need to fit the larger foot and add an insole to the shoe/sneaker you will wear on the smaller foot.

New shoes and sneakers should be purchased in the late afternoon or evening and never in the morning, as the feet do swell and fatigue as the day progresses.

For walking, running and shopping, top name brands are best. Chain store labels are imitations of these top brands and do not adequately support your feet.

Sneakers should be worn for all active sports and walking, as they offer the necessary support and cushioning your feet need. Slippers and flip-flops give little or no support and should be avoided as much as possible.

Whatever style shoe or sneaker you choose to buy, enjoy them and put some spring in your step.

For further helpful foot information, please call Dr. Neal Houslanger and Dr. Matthew Kassnove at 631-654-3838.