Diabetic Foot Specialists


People with diabetes have many health concerns – not the least of them is paying greater attention to their feet. Because of the distance between the heart and the feet, poor circulation and nerve impairment, which accompany diabetes, place the feet at increased risk. However, a regular program of hygiene, common sense, and regular podiatric medical examinations can keep people with diabetes on their feet and active.

Poor blood circulation means that the feet have a harder time fighting infections and healing. The resulting complications can be as serious as ulcers, or in severe cases, amputation. When nerves are impaired, the feet can be injured without a moment of pain. Even a hot bath can be an occasion for a serious burn. Other early signs of potential foot problems are toenail pain, calluses, bunions, corns and burning soles.

People with diabetes should visit their podiatric physicians twice a year. Daily foot hygiene and regular foot inspections are essential, as is avoiding activities or habits that can restrict circulation, including crossing your legs, exposing the feet to extreme cold or hot temperatures, wearing garters or smoking.

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