Heel Pain Specialists


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The heel carries a tremendous responsibility. As the largest bone in the foot, the heel bears the brunt of every step we take. It’s no surprise that heels hurt occasionally. Having flat feet, abnormal gait, ill-fitting shoes or a weight problem can lead to heel pain. But a variety of conservative treatments by a podiatrist can quickly alleviate such pain.

Most heel pain involves a membrane surrounding the heel bone that anchors a long band of connective tissue, called the plantar fascia, which stops at the ball of the foot. When the fascia is stretched too far, the tissue tears and inflames, creating a condition known as plantar fasciitis. Stretching of the fascia can also contribute to the formation and development of heel spurs.

While rest and applied ice provide temporary relief from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, it is best to consult a Podiatrist for permanent treatment. With X-rays, a podiatric physician can identify the condition and prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy or orthotics (professional shoe inserts) to relieve stress and correct biomechanical problems.

Surgical management of heel pain is rarely required. But if surgery is determined to be the best option, it can be performed using the latest techniques.

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