Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) Specialists


You have been diagnosed with plantar fascitis. This is a painful inflammatory condition that affects the heel and arch. It is caused by repetitive pulling on the wide band of connective tissue on the bottom of your feet. This often coincides with a weakened bone structure and altered gait. The body sometimes forms heel spurs, which are a build up of bone to reduce this pulling. This type of spur is usually helpful and not painful.

Treatment for this common foot problem may include NSAIDs (oral anti-inflammatory medications), stretching, icing, orthotics devices (custom shoe inserts to control the pulling and other abnormal forces), cortisone injections, physical therapy, and night splints (devices that help stretch the foot and calf). 

This condition rarely necessitates surgical management. The majority of people respond best to a combination of the above mentioned conservative therapies. Rarely will one treatment alone will make the pain go away. The orthotics devices are very important in preventing recurrence of this condition.

It is imperative that you follow the instructions the doctors have given you. Take your medication and do your stretching everyday and keep your regularly scheduled appointments.

Thank you for your continued confidence and for allowing us to participate in your health care. Please feel free to contact Dr. Houslanger or Dr. Kassnove with any questions you may have at 631-654-3838..