Foot Care Specialists


America’s senior citizens are more active than ever before – and their quality of life is all the better for it. But no matter what their exercise, be it walking, biking or even a set of tennis, the feet of these active adults need extra protection to prevent injury and preserve comfort.

Feet are designed to remain healthy for a lifetime. If they begin to hurt, it is a signal that something is wrong. Bones in the feet of older men and women naturally become more fragile. The natural cushioning on the feet also tends to become thinner with age, with an accompanying loss of shock-absorbing ability.

For these conditions, shoes with shock-absorbing soles, cushion insoles/shoe inserts or orthotic devices can keep seniors in the swing of things. Older people’s feet can show other signs of wear and tear, including a tendency to spread. In such cases, wider shoes should be the order of the day.

Feet are marvels of engineering, but even the most sophisticated pieces of equipment need routine care and maintenance. Regular foot examinations by your podiatrist are the best insurance for pain-free activity in the years ahead.

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